[RFC PATCH 0/8] Add Analogix Core Display Port Driver

Yakir Yang ykk at rock-chips.com
Thu Aug 6 08:00:47 PDT 2015


在 2015/8/6 22:41, Jingoo Han 写道:
> On Thursday, August 06, 2015 10:49 PM, Yakir Yang wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>     Samsung exynos and Rockchip rk3288 almost share same dp controller,
>> so I split the common code out, then rk3288 and exynos can re-used the
>> same dp core driver. Cause I can't find the exact IP name of exynos dp
>> controller, so I decide to name dp core driver with "analogix" which I
>> find in rk3288 eDP TRM ;)
> OK, I see.
> The Samsung Exynos eDP contoller and Rockchip rk3288 eDP contoller share
> the same IP. So, a lot of parts can be re-used. I agree with this.
> However, we have to review the code carefully, as others did.
Yeah, feel happy to be reviewed  ;)

> I also cannot find the exact IP name. The "analogix" may be the vendor name
> of this IP.
Okay, so "analogix" is okay for now

- Yakir
> Best regards,
> Jingoo Han
>> Beyond that, there are three light registers setting differents bewteen
>> exynos and rk3288.
>> 1. RK3288 have five special pll resigters which not indicata in exynos
>>     dp controller.
>> 2. The address of DP_PHY_PD(dp phy power manager register) are different
>>     between rk3288 and exynos.
>> 3. Rk3288 and exynos have different setting with AUX_HW_RETRY_CTL(dp debug
>>     register).
>> My series patches can be divider into two parts: One for spliting the
>> analogix_dp code from exynos dp driver. Another are trying to add rk3288
>> dp driver support.
>> Best regards,
>> - Yakir
>> --
>> 2.1.2

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