[PATCH] i2c-rk3x: move setup to the earlier subsys initcall

Max Schwarz max.schwarz at online.de
Mon Sep 22 09:20:20 PDT 2014

Hi Chris,

> > +subsys_initcall(rk3x_i2c_init_driver);
> > +module_exit(rk3x_i2c_exit_driver);
> This means that the driver cannot be used as a loadable module any more,
> right?
> In that case, you should probably turn the tristate option in Kconfig into a
> bool.

I'm sorry, I see now that subsys_initcall() gets mapped to module_init() if 
the driver is built as a loadable module. Everything is fine ;-)

Acked-By: Max Schwarz <max.schwarz at online.de>


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