[PATCH v2 0/5] Add drm driver for Rockchip Socs

Mark yao mark.yao at rock-chips.com
Thu Sep 18 02:34:44 PDT 2014

From: mark yao <yzq at rock-chips.com>

This a series of patches is a DRM Driver for Rockchip Socs, add support
for vop devices, eDP. Future patches will add additional encoders/connectors,
such as HDMI.

The basic "crtc" for rockchip is a "VOP" - Video Output Processor.
the vop devices found on Rockchip rk3288 Soc, rk3288 soc have two similar
Vop devices. Vop devices support iommu mapping, we use dma-mapping API with

Changes in v2:
- add DRM master device node to list all display nodes that comprise
  the graphics subsystem.
- use the component framework to defer main drm driver probe
  until all VOP devices have been probed.
- use dma-mapping API with ARM_DMA_USE_IOMMU, create dma mapping by
  master device and each vop device can shared the drm dma mapping.
- use drm_crtc_init_with_planes and drm_universal_plane_init.
- remove unnecessary middle layers.
- add cursor set, move funcs to rockchip drm crtc.
- use panel-simple driver for primary display.
- add vop and edp reset.

Tested on rk3288 pinky board, use eDP encoders/connector, boot and display OK

Mark yao (5):
  drm/rockchip: Add basic drm driver
  dt-bindings: video: Add for rockchip display subsytem
  dt-bindings: video: Add documentation for rockchip vop
  dt-bindings: video: Add documentation for rockchip edp
  drm/rockchip: Add support for Rockchip Soc EDP


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