[PATCH v7 0/5] This is the 1st version of suspend for RK3288.

Chris Zhong zyw at rock-chips.com
Mon Nov 10 23:10:57 PST 2014

Hi Kevin

On 11/08/2014 06:48 AM, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> Chris Zhong <zyw at rock-chips.com> writes:
>> RK3288 can shut down the cpu, gpu and other device controllers in suspend,
>> and it will pull the GLOBAL_PWROFF pin to high in the final stage of the
>> process of suspend, pull the pin to low again when resume.
> The cover letter still doesn't state what this series applies to, or
> what its dependencies are for testing, even though it was requested in
> earlier reviews[1].  I discovered (again) by trial and error it applies
> to current linux-next.  I also discovered (as was earlier discussed[2])
> that it still does not resume using current upstream code, and those
> dependencies are not described here either.  These are the kinds of
> things that are crucial in a cover letter in order to help reviewers and
> testers not have to spend time digging through the archives trying to
> remember from the previous round of reviews.
Thank you for your review, I will perfect the cover letter in next 
version patches.

> Please, please list the out-of-tree dependencies, and how to test,
> including how you tested it, and on what hardware.
> Speaking of earlier reviews, I've noticed that after reviewing this
> series multiple times, you never respond to questions and/or comments.
> Two-way communication is important when collaborating on getting complex
> code this upstream, so please take some time to acknowledge the comments
> of reviewers and engage in discussion when questions are asked.  Even if
> it's as simple as "OK, I'll fix it in the next version", that helps
> reviewers know that they're not wasting their time.
OK, I'm going to respond all, even though only "Done".

> Kevin
> [1] https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/10/29/759
> [2] https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/10/29/881

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