[PATCH bpf-next,v3] riscv, bpf: Add BPF exception tables

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Wed Oct 27 16:10:07 PDT 2021


This patch was applied to bpf/bpf-next.git (master)
by Daniel Borkmann <daniel at iogearbox.net>:

On Wed, 27 Oct 2021 11:18:22 +0000 you wrote:
> When a tracing BPF program attempts to read memory without using the
> bpf_probe_read() helper, the verifier marks the load instruction with
> the BPF_PROBE_MEM flag. Since the riscv JIT does not currently recognize
> this flag it falls back to the interpreter.
> Add support for BPF_PROBE_MEM, by appending an exception table to the
> BPF program. If the load instruction causes a data abort, the fixup
> infrastructure finds the exception table and fixes up the fault, by
> clearing the destination register and jumping over the faulting
> instruction.
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
  - [bpf-next,v3] riscv, bpf: Add BPF exception tables

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