[PATCH V3 1/2] dt-bindings: update riscv plic compatible string

Marc Zyngier maz at kernel.org
Wed Oct 13 05:39:51 PDT 2021

On 2021-10-13 02:21, guoren at kernel.org wrote:
> From: Guo Ren <guoren at linux.alibaba.com>
> Add the compatible string "thead,c900-plic" to the riscv plic
> bindings to support SOCs with thead,c9xx processor cores.
> Signed-off-by: Guo Ren <guoren at linux.alibaba.com>
> Cc: Rob Herring <robh at kernel.org>
> Cc: Palmer Dabbelt <palmerdabbelt at google.com>
> Cc: Anup Patel <anup at brainfault.org>
> Cc: Atish Patra <atish.patra at wdc.com>

Please add a cover letter when sending more than a single patch.

This isn't complicated, and git will do it for you if you kindly ask.

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