[PATCH v2 0/5] riscv: improving uaccess with logs from network bench

Akira Tsukamoto akira.tsukamoto at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 05:05:27 PDT 2021

On 6/22/2021 5:30 PM, Ben Dooks wrote:
> On 19/06/2021 12:21, Akira Tsukamoto wrote:
>> Optimizing copy_to_user and copy_from_user.
>> I rewrote the functions in v2, heavily influenced by Garry's memcpy
>> function [1].
>> The functions must be written in assembler to handle page faults manually
>> inside the function.
>> With the changes, improves in the percentage usage and some performance
>> of network speed in UDP packets.
>> Only patching copy_user. Using the original memcpy.
>> All results are from the same base kernel, same rootfs and same
>> BeagleV beta board.
>> Comparison by "perf top -Ue task-clock" while running iperf3.
> I did a quick test on a SiFive Unmatched with IO to an NVME.
> before: cached-reads=172.47MB/sec, buffered-reads=135.8MB/sec
> with-patch: cached-read=s177.54Mb/sec, buffered-reads=137.79MB/sec
> That was just one test run, so there was a small improvement. I am
> sort of surprised we didn't get more of a win from this.
> perf record on hdparm shows that it spends approx 15% cpu time in
> asm_copy_to_user. Does anyone have a benchmark for this which just
> looks at copy/to user? if not should we create one?

Thanks for the result on the Unmatched with hdparm. Have you tried

The 15% is high, is it before or with-patch?


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