[PATCH 0/3] Add generic-support for linux,elfcorehdr and fix riscv

Geert Uytterhoeven geert+renesas at glider.be
Tue Jun 15 11:17:24 PDT 2021

	Hi all,

While working on v4 of "[PATCH v3] ARM: Parse kdump DT properties", I
noticed the recently (v5.13-rc1) introduced RISC-V crash kernel support
uses "linux,elfcorehdr" in a non-standard way.  Instead of relying on a
"linux,elfcorehdr" property under the "/chosen" node, RISC-V uses a
reserved memory node with the "linux,elfcorehdr" compatible value.

As we may want to fix riscv before the release of v5.13, I decided not
to wait until my full v4 is ready, but fast-track generic
"linux,elfcorehdr" handling instead.

This series consists of 3 patches:
  1. Generic handling of "linux,elfcorehdr", as requested by Rob in a
     review comment for [1],
  2. Drop the non-standard code from riscv.  It can just use the generic
     code instead (needs corresponding changes to WIP kexec-tools),
  3. Drop the now duplicate code from arm64.  This can be postponed, as
     it can co-exist safely with the generic code.

This has been tested on arm32 (with a WIP successor of [1]), and
compile-tested on riscv64 and arm64.

Thanks for your comments!

[1] "[PATCH v3] ARM: Parse kdump DT properties"

Geert Uytterhoeven (3):
  of: fdt: Add generic support for parsing elf core header properties
  riscv: Remove non-standard linux,elfcorehdr handling
  arm64: kdump: Remove custom linux,elfcorehdr parsing

 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/chosen.txt |  6 ++--
 arch/arm64/mm/init.c                         | 21 -----------
 arch/riscv/mm/init.c                         | 20 -----------
 drivers/of/fdt.c                             | 37 ++++++++++++++++++--
 4 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 47 deletions(-)




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