[PATCH v2 0/2] secretmem: optimize page_is_secretmem()

Mike Rapoport rppt at kernel.org
Tue Apr 20 14:16:07 BST 2021

From: Mike Rapoport <rppt at linux.ibm.com>


This is an updated version of page_is_secretmem() changes.
This is based on v5.12-rc7-mmots-2021-04-15-16-28.

@Andrew, please let me know if you'd like me to rebase it differently or
resend the entire set.

* move the check for secretmem page in gup_pte_range after we get a
  reference to the page, per Matthew.

Mike Rapoport (2):
  secretmem/gup: don't check if page is secretmem without reference
  secretmem: optimize page_is_secretmem()

 include/linux/secretmem.h | 26 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 mm/gup.c                  |  6 +++---
 mm/secretmem.c            | 12 +-----------
 3 files changed, 29 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)


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