[RFC PATCH bpf-next 0/3] bpf, riscv: Add compressed instructions to rv64 JIT

Luke Nelson luke.r.nels at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 16:08:43 EDT 2020

> First of all; Really nice work. I like this, and it makes the code
> easier to read as well (e.g. emit_mv). I'm a bit curious why you only
> did it for RV64, and not RV32? I have some minor comments on the
> patches. I strongly encourage you to submit this as a proper (non-RFC)
> set for bpf-next.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll clean up the patches and address your
comments in the next revision.

The patch adding RVC to the RV32 JIT is forthcoming; some of the
optimizations there are more difficult since the RV32 JIT makes more
use of "internal" jumps whose offsets depend on the sizes of emitted
instructions. I plan to clean up that code and add RVC support in a
future series.

- Luke

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