[PATCH v2 1/3] module: Rename module_alloc() to text_alloc() and move to kernel proper

David Laight David.Laight at ACULAB.COM
Wed Jul 15 04:15:47 EDT 2020

From: Jarkko Sakkinen
> Sent: 14 July 2020 17:31
> There is one arch (nios2), which uses a regular kzalloc(). This means
> that both text_alloc() and text_memfree() need to be weaks symbols and
> nios2 needs to have overriding text.c to do its thing.

That could be handled by an arch-specific inline wrapper in a .h file.

Although I actually suspect the nios2 code is just being lazy.
The processor is a very simple in-order 32bit soft cpu for Intel (Altera)

We have four nios2 cpu on one of our fpga images - all running small
(almost single function) code loops.
I can't imagine actually trying to run Linux on one to do anything
useful - clock speed is unlikely to be much above 100MHz.
We can't meet timing at 125MHZ (I've tried quite hard) so have
to run at 62.5MHz because of the PCIe clock.


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