We may be having some mailing list issues

Palmer Dabbelt palmer at dabbelt.com
Thu Jul 2 16:15:08 EDT 2020

I guess announcing mailing list trouble on the mailing list is an odd way to go
about this, but hopefully the message gets through:

We may be having some mailing list issues that result in messages not being
delivered (even if they're on lore or some other list).  We're definitely
seeing some issues with the archives at infradead.org.  I know that when I post
from my google.com address I get DMARC-related bounces (via the admin
interface, so you might not see them) for message delivery to individual
subscribers, which is why I'm still using my personal address.

Aside from a few patches from Alex building up the sv48 (big page kernel
mappings and CONFIG_RELOCATABLE), the oldest message in my inbox is from June
16th -- so if you sent something before that then it's been missed.  If you're
resending patches then it's probably best to at least CC me, as that'll help to
cut out mailing list issues.

I took a shot at fixing the DMARC stuff a few months ago with no luck.  I'm not
really sure how to fix these issues, as I know little about administering
mailing lists.  If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears.

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