next-nofpu build breakage

Palmer Dabbelt palmer at
Wed Oct 17 11:44:43 PDT 2018

On Tue, 16 Oct 2018 19:01:10 PDT (-0700), Jim Wilson wrote:
> Building from Palmer's for-next branch gives an error for an invalid
> -march option.  This bug came in via the next-nofpu branch.  In
> arch/riscv/Makefile I had to change
> riscv-march-$(CONFIG_FPU)               := fd
> to
> riscv-march-$(CONFIG_FPU)               := $(riscv-march-y)fd
> to get past this problem.

Thanks.  Someone else had pointed this out as well, it turns out I'd merged the 
wrong version of a patch set.  This should be fix on both next-nofpu and 
for-next now.

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