correct Device tree entry for HighFive Unleashed Board ?

Atish Patra atish.patra at
Tue May 1 18:40:07 PDT 2018

Hi Palmer,
I was going through the device tree entries for HighFive Unleashed 
board. Here are some of the inconsistencies I found as per the device 
tree standard. I was not sure about the original intention of the 
changes. Hence the questions instead of the patch :) :).

As per the device tree documentation, next-level-cache should point to a 
<phandle> to the next level cache only.

1. The current entry seems incorrect considering two entries. While 0x2 
phandle points to L2 cache controller correctly, 0x1 phandle points to 
"error-device at 18000000" which did not make any sense to me.
                  cpu at 1 { 

                         clock-frequency = <0x0>; 

                         compatible = "sifive,rocket0", "riscv"; 

                         d-cache-block-size = <0x40>; 

			mmu-type = "riscv,sv39"; 

                         next-level-cache = <0x1 0x2>;

In my opinion, it should only point to phandle of L2 cache controller.

2. The L2 cache controller contains 3 entries in next-level-cache.
The phandles belong to rom at a000000, chiplink at 40000000, memory at 80000000.

      cache-controller at 2010000 { 

                         cache-block-size = <0x40>; 

                         cache-level = <0x2>; 

                         cache-sets = <0x800>; 

                         cache-size = <0x200000>; 


                         compatible = "sifive,ccache0", "cache"; 

                         interrupt-parent = <0xb>; 

                         interrupts = <0x1 0x2 0x3>; 

                         next-level-cache = <0xc 0xd 0xe>; 

                         reg = <0x0 0x2010000 0x0 0x1000 0x0 0x8000000 
0x0 0x2000000>; 

                         reg-names = "control", "sideband"; 

                         linux,phandle = <0x2>; 

                         phandle = <0x2>; 


In my opinion, there shouldn't be any next-level-cache as there is no L3 
cache in the board.

Moreover, cache-controller entry should be inside "cpus" instead of "soc".

Please let me know if I am wrong in either my understandings of cache 
hierarchy or specific device tree entry purpose. I will send a patch
if suggested changes looks good.


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