Mrs.Fatima R.M. test at Sockwell.local
Thu Feb 2 00:53:28 PST 2017

Dear Comrade, 

I hope that I not offend you. Anyway,i found your email through your country email data base because of how important is it to me, reaching out to some one like for something serious,  let me introduce myself. My name is Fatima Rukaya Muhammad, I'm from Tartous Syria and living here in Tartous, Syria. I hope that you hear about this country? My country located Middle East, Mediterranean coast of Syria.
  I search for serious Tie up Mogul in business as my investment partner so that it will be possible to transfer the my capital deposited in southeast Asia that is over due now to its custody, so that i can Commiserate with the person to help my chaos situation to exit, nothing is working out here, everything is dead and we live in fear everyday, the situation is getting worst evryday.

 So, i want to relocate to your country at all cost, i will creat a direct communcation with the Bank where the money is deposited.

  whatever you may agree on or you want to give me advice i will appreciate it because is not possible to move to your country without someone from your country and that is the reason of this mail to you.
Because US has imposed economic sanctions on Syria in 2004, later tightening them to include some Syrian investors with ties to the regime. (Reuters)

So is has to be personal thing between me, please try to get back to me for as soon as possible.


Mrs. Rukaya 


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