[Bug 26142] "yenta_socket" causes "Transfer error ack signal"

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Tue Jan 21 14:57:35 EST 2014


--- Comment #8 from Helmut <helmut.schlattl at web.de> ---

I unset CONFIG_PCMCIA_PROBE by editing drivers/pcmica/Kconfig for testing:
        default y if ISA && !ARCH_SA1100 && !PARISC && !PPC_BOOK3S

There's no difference to be observed compared to setting 'options pcmcia_rsrc
probe_io=0', also not for the interrupts. So disabling the PCMCIA probe appears
to be an option.

Since before 2.6.34 do_io_probe was effectively not doing any tests, and they
had been no problems until then, it is probably safe to unset
CONFIG_PCMCIA_PROBE for (at least) G3 Powerbooks.

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