[Bug 26142] "yenta_socket" causes "Transfer error ack signal"

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Sat Jan 18 13:41:22 EST 2014


--- Comment #4 from Helmut <helmut.schlattl at web.de> ---

Noticed that the module rsrc_nonstatic is since 2.6.35 called pcmcia_rsrc.

Thus, the old behaviour of kernel 2.6.33 of effectively not probing the IO
addresses can be achieved for all kernels since kernel 2.6.35 by

1) kernel boot option pcmcia_rsrc.probe_io=0 (when built-in)
2) or setting 'options pcmcia_rsrc probe_io=0' in modprobe.conf (when being

I leave it to the kernel developers, if this is just a bug-fix or the issue is
resolved by this.

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