[Bug 7304] no PCI irq, Cardbus support disabled

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Sat Mar 13 03:30:38 EST 2010


--- Comment #52 from Thomas Nemeth <nemeth.thomas at gmail.com>  2010-03-13 08:29:02 ---
> --- Comment #51 from Dominik Brodowski <linux at brodo.de>  2010-03-06 14:07:42 ---
> Hm, it looks to me that the PCI IRQ pins are routed to IRQ #11. So what about
> trying out (at first) some workaround: Could you replace the line in
> drivers/pcmcia/yenta_socket.c - function yenta_probe() which states:
>    socket->cb_irq = dev->irq;
> with:
>    socket->cb_irq = 11;
> ?

    It seems that forcing the irq number does not change anything :(
    I tested that oneliner on the (since it's the one I already had
    under my hand at that time) and there are still the same messages.

> Also, some quite new patches (see:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-pcmcia@lists.infradead.org/msg02903.html
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-pcmcia@lists.infradead.org/msg02904.html
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-pcmcia@lists.infradead.org/msg02906.html
> ) which currently are only for some TI bridge might be generalized to work also
> in other cases where the PCI IRQ is 0. I'll dig into that later.

    Should I use a more recent kernel or can I continue going on with

    Using a recent kernel may take me some time since there's no network on
    that machine (the network only comes through pcmcia :( ).

    Anyway, thank you very much ! I was desperating that someone might have
    a look at my problem...


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