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Fri Nov 6 13:01:15 EST 2009

driver.  Following the instructions on the linux pcmcia site, it looks like the
card does not necessitate any resource db. Additionally, I can report that the
machine has less than 1GB (512 MB, in fact), since I have read that there might
be problems with cheap bridges and large amounts of memory. Finally, I have
tried with and without the pci=assign-busses options with no difference.

The thing that is puzzling me, is that from the net I get the impression that
this laptop had pcmcia working just fine with linux in the past (in the web I
find positive reports from 2004, 2005 and 2006).  So, I am facing a regression?

The laptop is not currently in my hands, but I can get it for a couple of days
to help debugging if someone can help me.



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