[PATCH 3/8] drivers/pcmcia: remove unnecessary kzalloc

Dominik Brodowski linux at dominikbrodowski.net
Sat Nov 21 11:06:54 EST 2009


> Thanks for the additional info which allows me to track which patch it
> corresponds with.  As an aside, it's really not nice to git pull and
> then edit the commits afterwards - that's much worse than rebasing.
> When trees are pulled, the act of merging it conveys sufficent "sign-off".

It was not a git pull and edit, as I told you in a mail sent on Nov 02:

> Thanks! I've applied the patches you sent me by mail, though, as your tree
> was based on something more recent from Linus than my tree, and I wanted to
> avoid a merge of Linus' tree into my tree.


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