[PATCH RFC] pcmcia: load include_io, include_mem from /etc/modprobe.d/pcmcia.conf

Komuro komurojun-mbn at nifty.com
Mon Nov 9 07:53:28 EST 2009


>> load include_io, include_mem from /etc/modprobe.d/pcmcia.conf
>> instead of running pcmcia-socket-startup.
>> (integration of pcmcia-socket-startup to the kernel)
>Hmmm... we can't get rid of userspace in all cases, can't we?
>> if /etc/modprobe.d/pcmcia.conf does not exist,
>> rsrc_nonstatic allocates minimum io/mem resource.
>Could you split this up into two different parts? One for the module
>parameter, one for the default allocation. The latter one would need the ACK
>of the x86 maintainer(s), for I'm not sure that it is safe to allocate this
>area unconditionally. (Well, of course we do additional checks, but

I will prepare updated patch by next weekend.

Actually, allocated io/mem by rsrc_nostatic is no relationship with
other device(ISA, PCI).

So I think it does not need the ACK of the x86 maintainer.

Best Regards

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