Pcmcia: 16 bit card does not work in 2.6.18+ kernel

Peter Stuge stuge-linux-pcmcia at cdy.org
Tue Jul 28 22:25:03 EDT 2009

Pius.Braun at t-systems.com wrote:
>               0 = No PC Card functional interrupt detected (default).
>               1 = PC Card functional interrupt detected.
> So it seams the there is a problem with the IRQ. 
> Can anybody confirm this estimation?

I disagree.

> Any idea, how to set "Card Control" to "1".

I believe the register in question only mirrors the current state of
the interrupt signal. Such registers can be found also in other

This register bit is read-only and is set only by hardware.

It should become 1 again when the card is delivering interrupts.

Something is wrong with the setup, causing it to not run.

You could always bisect between working and non-working kernels to
find the commit which breaks the support.


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