"L2-cache"-branch for pcmcia - interesting?

Wolfram Sang w.sang at pengutronix.de
Mon Jul 27 11:03:24 EDT 2009

Hi Dominik,

> sorry for being so lazy in the past few months.

Don't worry. From what I read so far, you did quite a lot in the past, so
thanks for that at first place. I assume a break is needed once in a while to
regain some energy :)

> Will try to get back to managing the PCMCIA queue in a few days or weeks

Take your time. Next merge window would be nice, though, but that's still a bit

> appreciate it if you could keep the L2-cache (great idea!) so that these
> patches do not get lost.

Will do. Next update is tomorrow, then I have collected everything which seems
apropriate to me (and pinged some other patches which need to go via other
trees). There are still two complete drivers missing, we have to see what to do
with those. Anyone up for this task?

> If you want to assist me in making sure that PCMCIA
> doesn't become dead code, that'd be great, too...

Well, I can continue doing the L2-branch, if that helps already :)



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