Pcmcia: 16 bit card does not work in 2.6.18+ kernel

Pius.Braun at t-systems.com Pius.Braun at t-systems.com
Mon Jul 27 07:33:51 EDT 2009

Hello community @linux-pcmcia mailing list,

We have a CompactPCI system with
- PC running Linux
- PCMCIA Card Holder with Texas Instruments PCI 1420 Controller

On Kernel 2.6.9, any PCMCIA Card worked well.
Now on 2.6.18 (even 2.6.28) no 16 Bit PCMCIA Card is working in the slot. 
32-bit cards work well.
On a notebook computer with 2.6.18 kernel, it works well.

It looks like it would get no interrupt, port or shared memory.
What we definitely see is, that the driver cannot access any IO-ports.

We tried some things:
- the problem appears with Redhat EL 5, Debian Etch, Vanilla Kernel xxx, Ubuntu (2.6.28)
- checking different start parameters for the kernel made no changes
- Dominik Brodowski had a short look but not enough time to support further
- made some diagnostic ouput (attachment)

Any ideas to me an CC recipient are welcome.

freundliche Grüße

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