force execution of pcmcia-socket-startup

Komuro komurojun-mbn at
Wed Jul 1 08:20:31 EDT 2009


Please see the Fedora-11 pcmciautils package
for reference.


>I am trying to run a Flash-OFDM (FT1000) card on a compact PCI system
>with RedHat EL 5. The system is configured in a way, that pcmciautils
>uses udev to add new devices and load drivers. In the past we used RHEL
>4 with pcmcia-cs and everything worked fine.
>I found out, that the FT1000 driver needs a clean I/O memory probe to
>run properly. At the moment, the PCMCIA kernel modules do the memory
>probe on boot and I only get messages like
>cs: memory probe 0x40000000-0x47ffffff: excluding 0x40000000-0x47ffffff
>cs: memory probe 0xd8300000-0xe1ffffff: excluding 0xd8300000-0xd92fffff
>Is it possible to force the execution of pcmcia-socket-startup in order
>to parse the config.opts with the needed memory ranges to get the
>"memory clean" messages?
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