Linear SRAM cards on 2.6-kernels

Koko newsbox1026 at
Sun Jan 25 08:18:57 EST 2009


What is the current status of using/accessing linear SRAM cards on
2.6-kernels? It worked OK on 2.4 and so far I know did not make it to
2.6 due to minor importance. I didn't find any recent information, so is
there any change in this or is it still the current situation?

As I need linear SRAM support and don't want to use a 2.4-kernel on a
new system I would like to push this forward. I have here three

- 1. implement it myself (would have done it a long time ago if I had
the time)
- 2. find somebody to implement it, work together and/or pay for the service
- 3. a mix between 1 and 2.

So I'm looking for someone who has some experience with this driver or
drivers of this kind. Please contact me if you feel capable of contributing.


- minimum: possibility to read and write raw data from/to common memory
of linear SRAM memory card
- maximum: have a fully functional block device with CIS parsing to be
able to mount a fs residing on the cards common memory with proper size
constraints etc.

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