[Bug 7304] no PCI irq, Cardbus support disabled

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Tue Sep 23 07:23:39 EDT 2008


------- Comment #50 from nemeth.thomas at gmail.com  2008-09-23 04:23 -------
(In reply to comment #49)
> It seems the pcmcia-cs uses special technique for the cardbus-bridge
> that can't get the irq.

    Certainly. The real question is: which one :)

> Currently, no one is working at such old PC for kernel 2.6.x.
> I recommend you buy a new PC.

    I already have a new PC. That's not the answer I wanted to have. I
    like using old computers (I have some old Sparcs, MacIntoshes and even
    an AS400). And, from what I heard on recent news, support for old
    computers is not planned for removal.

    I don't have much time. I'll try and see what I can do to bring that
    pcmcia chipset to work but I need help.


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