help with new lh7a400 driver.

James Ronald james.ronald at
Wed Jun 25 18:27:34 EDT 2008

OK, I'm building a new set of PCMCIA drivers to for the LH7A400 based
on the SOC SA1100 driver using the same SOC common code.  Basically
creating new lh7a400 generic, board specific, and base files using the
SA1100 files as a templates.  I also inserted a printk into every
lh7a400 function so that I could track the various functions as they
are called.

I first load pcmcia/pcmcia_core which I believe are needed and then
lh7a400_cs/lh7a40x_core.  lh7a40x_core loads and exits as expected
based on the code.  When I modprobe lh7a400_cs, which I expect to make
things happen, it loads, calls lh7a40x_pcmcia_init which is in the
lh7a400_generic code and then calls
driver_register(&lh7a400_pcmcia_driver) and then exits.
lh7a400_pcmcia_driver is a structure populated the same as the sa1100
version is populated.  The driver_register call returns 0, which means
is successful.  I can see that /proc/bus/pccard has been created but
that's about it.  I don't see the pccardd daemon running and I don't
see my board specific code being called. No messages on the console or
log expect those from my printks, but only from the init functions.
What needs to happen in order for the .probe function to be invoked?
Am I loading everything that's needed?

James Ronald

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