[Bug 7116] pcnet_cs no longer works after linux-2.6.16-git20 (Too much work at interrupt)

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Wed Jun 25 03:07:48 EDT 2008


------- Comment #32 from linux at brodo.de  2008-06-25 00:07 -------
I'm a bit confused about this one... are "pcnet_cs" and "serial_cs" built in,
or is just one of those a module which gets loaded afterwards? It shouldn't
matter, but maybe this card needs pcnet_cs to be up and running before

Also, could you post a "lspcmcia -vvv" (sorry for the typo yesterday) for the
new kernel? (we have one for a working one already). Also, so far there's no
need to bisect. What might be useful, though, is enabling PCMCIA_DEBUG and
setting the module parameter "debug" of the module pcmcia to 10 (if it's
built-in, add "pcmcia.debug=10" to the kernel command line, if it's a module,
"modprobe pcmcia debug=10").

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