Linux 2.6 PCMCIA Subsystem / Driver Documentation

James Ronald james.ronald at
Wed Jun 18 09:39:56 EDT 2008

I have not been able to find a Linux 2.6 PCMCIA driver for the ARM
LH7A400 microcontroller.  I'm currently working on creating such based
on the 2.6 ARM SA-1100 driver and the 2.4 LH7A400 driver written by
Lineo also based off the SA-1100.  It's not going as easy as I had
first thought and it would be really helpful if I understood the
PCMCIA drivers and subsystem better.  All I have been able to find so
far is a list of bullet items in the Documents folder and and on  Can someone point me to recent Linux 2.6 PCMCIA subsystem
/driver reference material or do I have all the documentation that
there is on the subject.

James Ronald

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