help withhardware for pcmcia to usb cardbus

sara fink sara.fink at
Sun Jun 15 04:58:39 EDT 2008

> Does the device (plus cable) work correctly when connected to another USB
> host?
I have another laptop with windows. Since it's reiserfs I won't be
able to check anything.
This hd worked before the usb ports fried.
I tried the pcmcia+cable and it doesn't help in the case with this hd.
I tried both ports of the pcmcia and this hd, and it's the same. Other
devices work on both ports.

> Does the CardBus USB host provide enough power for the HD, or has the HD
> its own power supply? Anyways, since the other USB device works fine now,
> there doesn't seem to be a problem with the PCCard subsystem but with the
> USB one, so maybe you should the USB folks them for additional advice :)

The hd has external power supply. Either the hd was damaged, or it's a
usb configuration issue. I updated the kernel and maybe something
related to ohci isn't correct.

I will try to intsall the other laptop with dual boot and check if the
hd works there. If not, I will try the usb guys. Do you happen to know
their mailing list?

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