[PATCH] document lspcmcia

Colin Watson cjwatson at debian.org
Fri Jul 11 11:15:29 EDT 2008

The pccardctl manual page should document the ls command and the
lspcmcia shortcut. Originally reported by Dan Jacobson as

Signed-off-by: Colin Watson <cjwatson at debian.org>

diff --git a/man/man8/pccardctl.8 b/man/man8/pccardctl.8
index 6c1ff4a..1554a0d 100644
--- a/man/man8/pccardctl.8
+++ b/man/man8/pccardctl.8
@@ -4,10 +4,13 @@
 .TH PCCARDCTL 8 "2005/10/22" "pcmciautils"
 pccardctl \- PCMCIA card control utility
+lspcmcia \- display extended PCMCIA debugging information
-\fBpccardctl\fR [\fB-V\fR] \fIcommand\fR [\fIsocket\fR]
+\fBpccardctl\fR [\fB\-V\fR] [\fB\-v ...\fR] \fIcommand\fR [\fIsocket\fR]
+\fBlspcmcia\fR [\fB\-V\fR] [\fB\-v ...\fR] [\fIsocket\fR]
 \fBpccardctl\fR is used to monitor and control the state of PCMCIA
@@ -18,6 +21,8 @@ If \fBpccardctl\fR is executed by root, all commands are available.  If
 it is executed by an unpriviledged user, only the informational
 commands are accessible.
+\fBlspcmcia\fR is an alias for \fBpccardctl ls\fR, provided for convenience.
 .TP \w'abcd'u
@@ -39,6 +44,10 @@ Much like the \fBident\fR command, but its output is formatted as a
 series of Bourne-stype shell variable definitions for use in scripts.
 Not yet implemented for cardbus cards.
+.B ls
+Display extended debugging information about the PCMCIA sockets and
+devices present in the system.
 .B suspend
 Shut down and then disable power for a socket.
@@ -57,6 +66,12 @@ Notify all client drivers that this card has just been inserted.
 .B \-V
 Show version information and exit.
+.B \-v
+Increase the verbosity of the
+.B ls
+Giving this option twice increases verbosity further.
 Daniel Ritz \- daniel.ritz at gmx.ch

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at debian.org]

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