[PATCH 3/3] Makes lguest's irq handler typesafe

Tejun Heo htejun at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 23:08:28 EST 2008


Rusty Russell wrote:
>     There are three possibilities: (1) force everyone to use void *, (2) force 
> everyone to be type-correct, (3) allow both with some tricks.  Currently 
> we're on (1).  For kthread, with only dozens of users, I chose (2) (very 
> simple, easy to understand).  I think for widespread things like timer and 
> interrupt handlers, I think (3) is the right way to go.

Yeah, during transition, we definitely want (3).

>     I wanted to get this patch out there and see what the reaction was.  I can 
> do timers next, if that's going to add fuel to the discussion.

I think you successfully got a very small sample of possible reactions.
 Jeff vetoing it (and for good reasons) and me a bit more positive but
not quite sold.  Yeah, I think we need a good flame war to determine our
heading and converting timer shouldn't take too much of your time, right?



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