Question regarding IRQF_SHARED and pcmcia driver

Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer.ericson at
Thu Jan 10 00:02:57 EST 2008


Still debugging hd64461 pcmcia driver. My best guess is that it for some reason cannot register the pccard irq and therefore bugs out
when socket IRQ returns IRQ_NONE.
More specificly I suspect it tries to request the pccard irq without IRQF_SHARED flag and therefore is unable to aquire it.

Anyhow, short questions:
1) purpose of socket->functions? I see its checked in pcmcia_request_irq and if > 1 it should set pccard IRQ to type IRQF_SHARED.
   I thought if socket.irq = pci.irq it would guess that its dealing with a shared interrupt.
2) Best way to reserve pccard irq interrupt? And does the handler get replaced by the proper driver handler?

>From what I can tell the socket interrupt is working fine (detecting changes properly) but everytime it pushes IRQ_NONE (interrupt ment for pccard interrupt) it oopses with "nobody cared..".

Best wishes

Kristoffer Ericson <Kristoffer.Ericson at>

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