[Bug 7788] System freeze as soon as PCMCIA card is inserted

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Wed Jan 2 16:40:22 EST 2008


------- Comment #9 from bjorn.helgaas at hp.com  2008-01-02 13:40 -------
Oops, I should have said PCMCIA resource management, not CardBus.  I was
thinking of the PCMCIA resource database, which tells the kernel which
resources are available for use by PCMCIA.  That information really ought to
come from PNPBIOS or ACPI, not a user-supplied configuration file.

The lspci says "CardBus bridge", so I guess this problem should be
CardBus-related, and the PCMCIA resource database shouldn't be involved at all.
 Sorry for muddying the waters.

If we think there's a PNP/CardBus conflict, the dmesg and /proc/iomem and
ioports info still might shed some light.

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