speedstream wlan card

Gerald Willmann gerald.willmann at econ.kuleuven.be
Mon Sep 17 08:57:31 EDT 2007

hi there:  I've used a speedstream pcmcia wlan card successfully on my 
debian laptop for yrs.  Recently upgraded from sarge to etch (ie 2.4 to
2.6) and now it doesn't work anymore.
For pcmcia-cs I had the following entry in /etc/pcmcia/config

card "SpeedStream SS1021 Wireless Adapter"
   version "Siemens", "SpeedStream Wireless PCMCIA"
   #manfid 0x02ac, 0x0002
   manfid 0x02ac, 0x3021
   bind "orinoco_cs"

Now, lspcmcia lists

Socket 0 Device 0:      [-- no driver --]       (bus ID: 0.0)
         Configuration:  state: on
         Product Name:   Siemens SpeedStream Wireless PCMCIA
         Identification: manf_id: 0x02ac card_id: 0x3021
                         function: 6 (network)
                         prod_id(1): "Siemens" (0xd936153f)
                         prod_id(2): "SpeedStream Wireless PCMCIA"
                         prod_id(3): --- (---)
                         prod_id(4): --- (---)

but no driver gets loaded and if I modprobe orinoco_cs by hand it doesn't 
seem to find the card.  Could someone pls point me in the right direction 
towards getting this to work again.  Many thanks,  Gerald

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