[alsa-devel] [BUG] New Kernel Bugs

Jörn Engel joern at logfs.org
Thu Nov 15 08:00:20 EST 2007

On Thu, 15 November 2007 13:26:51 +0100, Rene Herman wrote:
> Can you please just shelve this crap? You have a way of knowing that "ALSA 
> will accept you" and that is knowing or assuming that the ALSA project 
> doesn't consist of drooling retards.

Well, my experience with moderation has been that moderated mails are
stuck in some queue for weeks.  Two seperate lists, neither of them was
alsa.  If also is doing a better job, great.  But it still has to live
with the general reputation of non-subscriber moderation.

> When a project list goes to the difficulty of moderating non-subscribers it 
> has made the explicit choice to _not_ become subscriber only. Then refusing 
> valid non-subscribers after all makes no sense whatsoever. I'm sorry you 
> got your feelings hurt by that other list but it was no doubt an accident; 
> take it up with them.

Been there, done that.  In spite of people not being drooling retards,
the amount of time and effort they invest into either moderation or
improving the ruleset is quite limited.  Problems persist.

And even without mails being held hostage for weeks, every single
moderation mail is annoying.  Like the one I'm sure to receive after
sending this out.


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