[BUG] New Kernel Bugs

Larry Finger larry.finger at lwfinger.net
Tue Nov 13 15:07:46 EST 2007

Theodore Tso wrote:
> Heh. I hadn't enabled CONFIG_BCM43XX_DEBUG myself, but I just changed
> it for my next kernel build.  This is a slightly different issue,
> which is that sometimes _DEBUG options shouldn't be turned on by
> default (because they really trash performance and bloat log size),
> and sometimes they are painless to turn on and don't cost much.
> If that is the case, I'd suggest removing the option and just making
> it compiled in by default with a run-time option to enable it.

I am taking your suggestion and will produce the necessary patches for ssb, b43 and b43legacy. As
bcm43xx is likely to be removed from 2.6.25, which is the earliest such a non-bug fix patch would be
accepted, I hope that your future distribution and testing kernels will include the debug option.



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