[BUG] New Kernel Bugs

Mark Lord liml at rtr.ca
Tue Nov 13 13:47:10 EST 2007

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> I did bisecting myself, and I know that it costs time and work.
> But the first point is the above one that it makes otherwise nearly 
> undebuggable problems debuggable and fixable.

Definitely useful, no question.

But the problem is now that kernel devs are addicted to it,
many won't even consider resolving a problem any other way.

That's not "maintaining" (or supporting) one's code.

And when a "maintainer" is too busy to find/fix their own bugs,
that could be a sign that they've bitten off too big of a chunk
of the kernel, and it's time for them to distribute code maintainership.


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