libata and legacy ide pcmcia failure

Jeff Garzik jeff at
Mon May 21 17:12:22 EDT 2007

Tejun Heo wrote:
> Robert de Rooy wrote:
>> Hmm, good question. I do not have any other PCMCIA device to test.
>> The only other device I have is a Cardbus Wi-Fi adapter without Linux
>> support (Marvell). If I insert that adapter lspci seems to list it
>> properly, but without resorting to ndiswrapper I have no way of testing
>> it. In any case, seeing how Cardbus is PCI based this is probably
>> pointless to resolving this issue.
>> Would any other log data from the controller initialization or lspci help?
> Hmmm... I don't really know much about PCMCIA.  cc'ing linux-pcmcia.
> The original thread can be read from the following URL.
> It seems we're losing interrupts from the CFA device.  Any ideas?

Alan probably knows more, but ISTR some CFA PCMCIA devices that needed 

This isn't an ARM platform perchance, is it?


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