ide-cs and interrupts

Daniel Mack daniel at
Mon Jun 25 13:20:27 EDT 2007


I seem to have a general problem in understanding how ide-cs is  
supposed to work.
On my i.MX31/ARM11 based board here, the PCMCIA socket is correctly  
detected, it sees cards being inserted and can read its IDs and  
everything. However, once I attach the ide-cs driver to an inserted  
CompactFlash card (which has no other functions than that), I keep  
getting "hda: lost interrupt" messages.

Thus, I traced the interrupts in question and found out that there is  
indeed no interrupt occuring in the kernel, and in fact not even on  
the hardware. While I'm forcing interrupts manually on the IREQ# line  
of the card, I can get rid of the messages and make the card  
functional, so I'm sure that it's not about the the communication in  
general but only about this missing interrupt requests.

What confuses me is that the card - as it's set to IO mode - does not  
drive the IREQ# line at all, however it's fully functional besides  
that. I tried with different cards, all behave the same.

Is this an hardware issue? Or anything in the software layer I missed  
to trace? Does the card need any more setup sequence to actually  
generate strobes on IREQ#?

Please Cc: me in answers, I'm not subscribed to the list.

Many thanks for any hint,

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