i need your urgent assistance please

Chuckie Taylor joyk207 at yahoo.no
Thu Jun 7 19:17:03 EDT 2007

Mr. Charles “Chuckie” Taylor, Jr
Strand London, WC2R 1HH-United Kingdom
Tel No:+44 704 572 0242.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm aware that this unexpected letter will come to you as a surprise. I apologies for any Inconvenience, but please do bear with me for I am only seeking for your help. I got your email address from network directory. I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy.
I am Mr. Charles “Chuckie” Taylor, Jr. , the son of Mr. Charles Taylor  the former President of Liberia who is presently in prison  under the directive of the United Nation war crime tribunal in the Hague,Netherlands.During the regime of my dad as the President of Liberia, he appointed me as the head of his elite guards all in the quest to safeguard his reign. We tried everything we can to stay in power in Liberia but the U.S Government whom my father was out of favor with, where bent on getting him out of office by all means because the war in Liberia has assumed a frightening dimension. The U.S Government was accused my father of War Crime and supporting terrorism, which are all lies, but just to give a dog the bad name in other to hang it.
After a well-negotiated arrangement by the West African Heads of State, it was agreed that my father should step down and take up asylum in order to bring an end to the Civil War In Liberia and the Nigeria Government another West Africa country agreed to accommodate my father on a 
gentlemen agreement. My father earlier last year tried to escape from Nigeria when it dawn of him that the Nigeria Government under intense pressure from the U.S Government was about to betray him and hand him over to the U.N War Crime Tribunal in Sierra Leone he made an escape plan but 
was apprehended at the Nigeria border with Cameroon and handed over to U.N War Crime Tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands.
I was earlier last year arrested at the J.F.Kennedy Airport, New York, U.S.A by the F.B.I and after there investigation I was let of the hook because nothing was traced to me as the claimed that my father looted US$400 Million from Liberia during his period and presently the Government are investigating banks in different part of the World trying to locate the loot but the truth is that during his presidency my father was able to accumulate the sum of $30 Million which he securely deposited with a with a Security Company  in Aroad which I will not like to mentioned now for security reasons .
When he noticed that the Nigeria authority have secretly concluded plan to hand him over U.N War Crime Tribunal, my father handed over to me all the necessary documents relating to where he deposited the US$30Million, which is presently in my possession.
My father has instructed me, that I should seeks and get a business partner whom I will go into partnership with and hand him over the money to invest into any kind of lucrative investment of the persons choice but my greatest problem is that I know that I am been monitored  round 
the clock and cannot take any step to retrieve the deposit from the Security Company and that is my reason for writing you. I seek your partnership to get these funds out of the security company and invest it any a lucrative business especially Real Estate, which you will manage on my behalf until the situation dies down.
Upon your response to this message, I will intimate you on how we can proceed to get the funds from the security company and you are guaranteed of 100% risk free business relationship because this matter is only know to me, my father and now you. Not even the officers of the Security 
Company knows anything about the content of the boxes because my father told them that the content are family antiques and valuables.
I am presently hiding in London and if you can assist in this matter you can communicate me via the above number or email for further discussion.
God be with you.
Mr. Charles “Chuckie” Taylor, Jr

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