libata and legacy ide pcmcia failure

Tejun Heo htejun at
Thu Jun 7 03:28:29 EDT 2007

Robert de Rooy wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>>> It seems we're losing interrupts from the CFA device.  Any ideas?
>>> Alan probably knows more, but ISTR some CFA PCMCIA devices that
>>> needed polling...
>> Not that I know of. Not devices anyway - there are embedded boxes with no
>> IRQ configuration for the CF slot but we've never supported those (indeed
>> there are even people who bitbang ATA on GPIO pins...)
> I was able to test the same PCMCIA adapter in a different ThinkPad, an X40.
> The X40 also fails although it has a totally different Cardbus
> controller (TI on the T40 vs Ricoh on the X40)
> Here is the log from the X40 running the same kernel as before
> (2.6.22rc1-git5 + timing-debug.patch +
> disable-dev_init_param-and-setxfermode-for-CFA.patch)

Can you test the attached patch?

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