[Bug 7706] PCMCIA bridge not working

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> pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 0
> ds: ds_event(0x000004, 0, 0xc15d8c28)
> cs: memory probe 0xfba00000-0xfeafffff: excluding 0xfbd10000-0xfc01ffff
> 0xfc330000-0xfd27ffff 0xfdec0000-0xfe1cffff 0xfe7f0000-0xfeafffff
> ds: adding device to 0, function 0
> ds: devname is pcmcia0.0
> ds: creating config_t for 0.0
> pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia0.0
> ds: registering driver serial_cs
> ds: trying to match 0.0 to serial_cs
> ds: trying to match 0.0 to serial_cs
> ds: trying to match 0.0 to serial_cs
> ds: trying to match 0.0 to serial_cs
> ds: trying to match 0.0 to serial_cs
> ..........
> the entire dmesg is at http://phpfi.com/254686

ok, the things doesn't look to bad. resources are set up and it tries
to bind the card to serial_cs. but here it should go one with either
an error message or a registered serial port. but it doesn't do so.

so it's an unchecked return value somewhere so that pcmcia thinks
everything is ok. looks like uart_configure_port() in serial_core.c
fails silently...i need to so some debug patch for serial_core.c,
serial_cs.c and 8250.c...but no time before saturday i think...

meanwhile you could play with your config.opts and try to include/exclude
some port ranges...mine are:
        include port 0x100-0x3af
        include port 0x3e0-0x4ff
        include port 0x820-0x8ff
        include port 0xc00-0xcf7
also try to exclude the ports initially reported in dmesg like
        cs: IO port probe bla-bla: clean
one at a time. you can also do that via sysfs by just using
        echo -n "0x100-0x3af" >
to add a new io range or
        echo -n "- 0x100-0x3af" >
to remove an io range. just eject/insert the card to test new settings.
to display the settings just use 'cat' on the file.

for starters try with the ranges reported by the working kernel...

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