Compact Flash Card in PCMCIA Adapter

Felix Brack fb at
Tue Aug 7 09:46:04 EDT 2007


If this is not the correct mailing list, please let me know...

I'm using a PCMCIA adapter to which I can plug CF cards. I believe
the adapter itself consist of nothing more then 'some wires'.

Everything was working quite fine with some 2.6 kernel (I do not
remember the exact version) and card manager. Plugging in the adapter
(including CF card of course) loaded the memory_cs driver and I was
able to access the card.

Now, with kernel 2.6.20 things don't work anymore. After some research
I found that now 'pcmciautils' is responsible for managing the PCMCIA
adapters (16 and 32 bit?). I believe that the driver the kernel should
load when I plug in my card is 'pcmciamtd'. Since this driver does
somehow not get loaded by the kernel my card is not accessible (right?).

I found the source file 'pcmciamtd.c' in the kernel source tree but I
do not know how to enable it. I think there should be some file
called 'pcmciamtd.ko' after kernel compilation, but there isn't.
Is it possible that this driver always gets linked to the kernel, i.e.
there is no module for 'pcmciamtd'?
I use 'make menuconfig' to configure the kernel, but as I said, I can't
find the switch to turn 'pcmciamtd' on. Does anybody know how to do
this; maybe this is a very stupid configuration error on my part?

many thanks in advance


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