PCMCIA wireless CDMA card

Brian Walsh brian-list at walsh.ws
Mon Apr 16 00:54:58 EDT 2007

I have a CDMA wireless card which I am trying to bring up.  However it does
not seem to be responding properly.  When trying to minicom to the device
to get an AT response I just get a bunch of garbage in the terminal
suggesting to me that it is not talking at a valid baud rate.

I have seen others on the list having similar problems with this card type.
 Has anyone had any luck with it?

I enabled debugging in the serial driver to try and get as much relevant
information as needed.  If any other information is needed please ask.


-bash-2.05b# pccardctl insert 0
pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 0
pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia0.0
pcmcia: request for exclusive IRQ could not be fulfilled.
pcmcia: the driver needs updating to supported shared IRQ lines.
ttyS2: autoconf (0x03e8, 0x00000000): iir=3 EFRv2 950id=16:c9:50:08
<4>ttyS2: detected caps 00000700 should be 00000100 type=16C950/954
0.0: ttyS2 at I/O 0x3e8 (irq = 23) is a 16C950/954

-bash-2.05b# pccardctl status 0
  5.0V 16-bit PC Card
  Subdevice 0 (function 0) bound to driver "serial_cs"

-bash-2.05b# pccardctl ident 0
  product info: "CDMA", "CARD_A", "", ""
  manfid: 0x0279, 0x950b
  function: 2 (serial)

-bash-2.05b# pccardctl info 0

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