[RFC: 2.6 patch] remove the broken MTD_PCMCIA driver

Tomasz Muszyński thom at union.waw.pl
Thu Nov 30 07:45:57 EST 2006

On Thu, November 30, 2006 08:09, Adrian Bunk wrote:
>> > But if anyone wants to ever revive this driver, the code is still
>> > present in the older kernel releases.
>> I'm unconvinced by that argument in the general case. People don't go
>> looking back through git history, do they? Drivers such as this don't
>> really do any harm as they are, and they're _much_ easier to find when
>> someone does want to fix them up.
> If there is an already merged driver that is marked as broken for a long
> time, there are usually two possible cases:
> - it is really unused
> - patches to fix it are pending or floating around
> A patch to remove a driver is usually the best way for getting the
> information which case a driver belongs into (a good example might be
> the zr36120 driver that seems to have found a new maintainer due to my
> removal patch).
> And if there's no reaction, the usefullness of very outdated and
> usually non-compiling code is quite questionable.

I want this driver :)

I have PCMCIA Linear Flash cards, and I want to write binary images on it,
but I can't (i don't want to use kernel 2.4, but probably I'll have to).


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