pcmcia: patch to fix pccard_store_cis Was: [SOLUTION/HACK/PUZZLED] pcmcia modem only works with cardmgr in recent 2.6.15 kernel.

Romano Giannetti romanol at upcomillas.es
Mon Nov 13 17:10:13 EST 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 13:54 -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:

> It doesn't sound like these problems will be fixed in the short term so
> yes, please let's get these into bugzilla so at least they don't get
> forgotten about and we have contact information filed away against
> particular problems.  One record per bug, please.

All right. Tomorrow I will try to find the time to file a bug. 

> I do have a debugging patch here which will give us better info about the
> above IRQ-handler conflict.  I'll probably push that into 2.6.19 - we seem
> to be getting a few of these lately.

But wait, I do not think this is really a relevant bug. It happens only
if I tart cardmgr, which is supposed it's not needed for newer kernels.
The problem here (as I stated in another mail in this thread) is that it
seems that the new pccardctl infrastructure miss the second function of
my card, registering and initialiazng just the first one. 

> > 
> > PS: can anyone point me to a tutorial on howto install a new kernael
> > easily on ubuntu? The procedure they point to (creating deb package,
> > installing, etc) are quite cumbersome. Anyway, I will try. 
> Well it sounds like fixing these bugs is a long-term project.  So it would
> be fine if you were to wait until Ubuntu have a 2.6.19-based kernel
> available.

Uf. This will be at least six month. I really need my modem before than
that :-). I have an old external Robotics one, but well, it's a bit, you
know, big... I will try a newer kernel, I think that my problem is
simply that in ubuntu kernel all is modular, and make install do not
generate a initrd by default. 

> But otoh I don't think Ubuntu release bleeding-edge kernel packages, so
> that may be quite some time in the future.  So if you're able to work out
> how to build and install a kernel.org kernel then that would help things
> along a bit.  

Will try. If anyone can suggest a recipe before I test zillions of
reboots, it will be very welcome.


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