PC Card conforming to EN 50221

Mikael Hakman mhakman at dkab.net
Wed May 17 20:01:29 EDT 2006


Is it possible to access a PC Card conforming to EN 50221 "Common Interface 
Specification for Conditional Access and other Digital Video Broadcasting 
Decoder Applications" standard? The card is inserted into computer's PCMCIA 

A quote from the standard:

"The variant provides the following facilities:

Transport Stream Interface for MPEG-2 data consisting of an 8-bit parallel 
input to the module and a separate 8-bit parallel output, together with 
control signals and a byte clock.

Command Interface for command traffic between host and module consisting of 
an 8-bit bi-directional data bus together with address and control signals.

Attribute Memory Interface to allow the host to read the Card Information 
Structure on the module and to configure the module into its normal 
operating mode."

The purpose of the access is to filter a DVB MPEG Transport Stream using 
services provided by such a card.


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