[PATCH] ide_cs: Make ide_cs work with the memory space of CF-Cards if IO space is not available (revised)

Thomas Kleffel (maintech GmbH) tk at maintech.de
Thu May 11 17:36:57 EDT 2006


>Am just reading this out of context (didn't check the surrounding code)
>but isn't mem used before definition below?
>+	    if (mem->win[0].len < 16) 
>+	    	goto next_entry;
>+	    cistpl_mem_t *mem = (cfg->mem.nwin) ? &cfg->mem : &stk->dflt.mem;

sorry, I mailed a wrong file (broken version of the patch). :(

LKML got the right one.

The right file (hopefully) is attached now.


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